Heat transfer is crucial for maintaining safe, functional operations and processes. We partner with top manufacturers to bring you high-quality heating and cooling solutions you can depend on.
From chemical to pulp and paper mixing and every industry in between, our manufacturing partners offer a variety of innovative industrial mixers and mixing solutions to meet your needs.
When it comes to fluid handling, durable, long lasting equipment is key. Through our manufacturers, we offer the highest-quality solutions on the market.
Efficient fluid handling begins with reliable storage. Our manufacturers offer durable, versatile, and safe industrial tanks for various industry needs. From stainless steel tanks to fiberglass tanks, we provide optimal storage solutions for your liquids and materials.
Your process determines everything. Through our partnerships, we bring you solutions that revolutionize fluid handling capabilities for many industries. Each system is designed to combine multiple functions into a cohesive, integrated unit for your unique needs.

Custom Solutions from Trident Process

With over 100+ years of combined industry design and engineering experience on our team, we do more than match customers to industry-leading solutions. Through partnerships with Alfa Laval and SPX Flow (Lightnin) and others, our team has access to proprietary design software that allows our team to produce custom, accurate thermal and mixing designs — giving you the quality you expect with the flexibility you need for success.


The only thing they don’t do is build the product!”