In 1987, Trident Process, Inc. was founded with one mission:

to provide the best industrial process equipment solutions to industries throughout the Midwest — and that mission remains the same today.

When it comes to mixing, heat transfer, and fluid handling processes, Trident Process is your go-to for the market’s top solutions. Customers from chemical, paper, power, petroleum refinement, food, pharmaceutical, ethanol and many other industries have trusted our team to offer sophisticated customer service and custom design solutions. We take the time needed to understand the challenges, provide solutions that take your long-term satisfaction into account, and build genuine service relationships.

Why Trident Process?


Our sales engineers aren’t just consultants. They have a deep understanding of the industry and your unique needs.

Cutting-Edge Products

We represent manufacturers who are at the forefront of mixing, heat transfer, and fluid handling technology.

Proven Success

For over three decades, Trident Process has been trusted for expertise, reliability, and client satisfaction.